Program Expectations & Key Dates

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Laboratory expectations of all interns

  • Report for work for the hours agreed upon with the supervisor. Interns work forty (40)
  • Perform duties as specified by the supervisor.
  • Responsible and professional personal conduct.
  • Track hours worked accurately using the Kronos time reporting system. Report time worked each Friday by 4:00pm.
  • Contact your supervisor and TADI Office (Talent Acquisition, Diversity and Inclusion) to report any situation that prevents you from completing work or absence from work.
  • Respond promptly to supervisor, program leader, or TADI e-mail or voice mail messages.
  • Meet weekly with program mentors.
  • Attend Undergraduate Summer Lecture Series
  • Attend virtual laboratory tours organized for summer interns.
  • Complete written and oral program deliverables


Summer Internships In Science and Technology (SIST)


Graduate Fellowship in Engineering and Science for Minorities  (GEM)


Community College Internships (CCI)

Summer Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI)

Activities (Meetings on Wednesday at 2:00pm CST)

June 01

Welcome and first meeting with mentors

June 03

Meeting – Overview of the program

June 10

Intern Project summary (2 slides)

June 24

Meet a scientist – Standard Model

July 08

Meet a scientist – Dark Matter

July 15

Meeting to discuss research project progress

July 22

Meet a scientist – Precision Physics

July 29

Meet a scientist – Back to the future!!  Nuclear QM

August 05

Poster Session

August 07

Paper submission and peer review

Neutrino Seminars (Thursdays at 1:00pm CST)

June 11

NINJA Experiment at J-PARC

June 18

Neutrinos and nonproliferation

Visiting Faculty Program (VFP) and Students



Mailbox – Questions / Concerns