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Scavenger Hunt

Week of May 25

o Connect with a Fermilab employee outside of your assigned department/division (5-year employee, scientist, etc.) – take a zoom photo

Week of June 1

o Post photo of Fermilab’s past 3 lab directors

Week of June 8

o Post photo from Fermilab’s 50th Anniversary celebration

Week of June 15

o Post photo of three animals found on Fermilab property

Week of June 22

o Post photo of the three sculptures on Fermilab property (Bonus: Which sculpture did Robert Wilson give to the lab?)

Week of June 29

o Post photo of the Open Cut

Week of July 6

o Post photo of an SRF cavity

Week of July 13

o Post photo that captures why you are excited about working at Fermilab

Week of July 20

o Post name of the Big Bang Theory episode that references Fermilab

Week of July 27

o Post recent news footage about Fermilab



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