Degree Level: Professional

Thank you for taking our short quiz! Below are the Internships that allow for professional participation. Please utilize the links that take you to the internship’s informational pages. If you have any questions about an internship, please use the “Email” option on the internship’s webpage under “Contact Information”.

DOE Omni Technology Alliance Internship

The DOE Omni Technology Alliance Internship Program provides paid 10-week summer internships for up to three consecutive summers for talented undergraduate and graduate students in Cybersecurity, Information Technology, and other related fields. Interns will hold appointments at DOE national laboratories, Power Marketing Administrations (PMAs), plants, DOE Headquarters, and other approved sites.

Fermilab QIS Summer Institute for K-12 STEM Educators

An opportunity for K-12 STEM Educators to receive content training in the rapidly expanding field of Quantum Information Science (QIS). Educators will work with scientific and technical staff, tour world-class facilities, while developing grade-level appropriate QIS curricula to implement in their school districts and share at national conferences. 

Science Writing Internship

The Fermilab Office of Communication science writing internship provides the opportunity to write for Fermilab’s online publications, including press releases and feature articles. Jointly with SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Fermilab also publishes Symmetry, an online magazine about the science, people and culture of particle physics.

Teacher Research Associates (TRAC)

Fermilab’s TRAC program provides outstanding science, mathematics, computer science and technology teachers with professional summer research experiences in science, engineering or technology. Increased teacher awareness and understanding of cutting-edge science and technology is then transferred to the classroom. Teachers are assigned Fermilab mentors and jobs that best match their skills and interests.

VALOR Apprenticeship

The VALOR Apprenticeship is a highly competitive, paid, six-month fall/spring training and career exploration program for military veterans at the beginning of their civilian careers and recent Illinois JROTC high school graduates. During the program, participants build and enhance their technical, computing, or business proficiencies. Assuming apprentice-level expertise, general military experience and/or knowledge based on academic study, the opportunity offers a wide range of placement options. The apprenticeship may allow the participant to fabricate, assemble, calibrate, operate, test, repair or modify electronic or mechanical equipment, systems, devices, or databases. Exposures may also include experiences with information technology, procurement, or environmental, safety and health.


Fermilab VetTech is a military veteran intern who provides routine technical support for an assigned experiment or support group. The program assumes apprenticeship level expertise, general military experience and/or knowledge-based on academic study. These are paid 10-week internships, 40-hour workweek, are available annually in the summer. We offer VetTech Computing, VetTech Mechanical, VetTech Electrical and VetTech Procurement internships.

Visiting Faculty Program (VFP)

VFP provides 10-week summer hands-on research experiences at Fermilab for faculty and student teams from community colleges and four-year institutions historically underrepresented in the research community. Faculty applicants must submit a research project proposal co-developed with Fermilab staff.