Technician Education for Careers out of High School (TECHS)

Program Description

The Technician Education for Careers out of High School is an apprenticeship for Illinois high school rising seniors who have a strong interest in learning technical skills that can lead to careers as technicians at Fermilab. You must be a junior at the time of applying. The program’s duration is 10 weeks each for two consecutive summers. During the first summer, apprentices will learn basic electrical and mechanical skills and will be introduced to careers at Fermilab. During the second summer, apprentices will work alongside lab technicians on tasks that support the lab’s science mission. Apprentices who complete the two-summer program will be qualified to apply for entry-level technician positions upon graduation from high school. 

During each summer, apprentices will be mentored by lab spokespersons and program teachers who will mentor and provide instruction on projects and necessary skills. 

The Technician Education for Careers out of High School serves as a pipeline program for future Fermilab technicians. The program aims to increase the representation of individuals from underrepresented communities (Black, Hispanic/Latino, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Alaska Native/American Indian) and women as technicians. 

This video provides more information about Fermilab Technicians and the essential work they do to support the science mission.

Annually, the TECHS cohort is 5 students. 


  • 2024-2025 high school juniors (at time of application, the student must be a junior).
  • Illinois high school enrollment
  • Eligible to work in the United States

Application Procedure

Before you apply, please have all your requirements ready. Once you submit the application you will no longer have access and will not be able to upload any missing requirements.
  • Online application – Application Walkthrough Video Guide
  • A personal statement that answers the below questions. The statement can be written or presented in a 5-minute video linked to your resume. (Please do not attempt to upload a video to the application. The application cannot support video uploads. You can upload the video to YouTube and link it on your resume.)
    • What are your interests, hobbies, and activities that demonstrate hands-on technical tasks and projects?  These could take place at school and/or at home.
    • What classes do you plan to take that are STEM and technical?
    • What plans are you considering for when you graduate from high school?
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation (Due date is application close date).
    • Reference 1 – a teacher from a class (e.g. science, math, shop, automative technology, Project Lead the Way, etc.)
    • Reference 2 – a teacher who sponsored a club or activity 
    • (Once you submit your application you will receive an email request with a reference link to provide reference contact information. Once you provide the info, we will email a link to your reference to upload the letter of recommendation. Please note the reference link will only be sent out during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. After hours applicants will receive their reference link when business resumes.)

Apprenticeship Details

  • Application Period: Late 2024 – Early 2025
  • Program Dates:
    • TBA
    • TBA
  • Offer Date: TBA
  • Salary: $17.20
  • Transportation/Housing: Fermilab does not provide housing, meals, or any transportation. 


  • Oral presentation
  • Exit survey 

Key Dates

Application Period

Late 2024 – Early 2025 

Program Dates


Offer Date


Application is Closed

To be considered for the internship you must upload all Requirements under the Internship Documentation section before you submit the application.

Contact Information