When will I get notified of my acceptance?

It depends on the program. Typically, it is two weeks after the deadline.

Can I telecommute?

Interns are not allowed to telecommute.


I will be out of the country before my internship start date. Does the lab pay for/cover international flights for Interns?


I want to spend a week in Chicago after my internship is over, do I have to depart immediately after it is over?

You may prolong your visit in the area. Fermilab does not provide financial support for your additional stay. You will have to pay the difference in airfare based on our allowed travel days and your revised dates.

May I drive instead of fly? What expenses does Fermilab reimburse me for if I drive?

If you want to drive to Fermilab we have to know the address you will be driving from and the airport you would have used to get an estimate cost comparison.  Fermilab will pay the lesser cost between an airline ticket (our Estimate) or the mileage reimbursement


Do you have any provision for married interns?

No. If you want to bring along a spouse or have them visit, you must provide offsite housing during their stay.

May I bring my pets?

No, you may not bring your pets.


What do I do If I get sick and can’t come in to work?

You must call your immediate supervisor and report your absence on your time card.

May I take time off during my internship?

That depends on the program.

Approvals from the program manager and Human Resources Department must be received before you arrive.