International Student Program

Program Description

The Fermilab International Student Program (ISP) is designed to engage non-U.S. students pursuing degrees majoring in physics, computing or engineering at institutions outside the United States. The duration of a Fermilab experience is short-term, less than one year in duration and typically for a period of three months.

The program provides advanced training and exchange opportunities for students looking to expand their global perspective and professional skill set through interactions with other young scientists from around the world. International participants join a diverse U.S.-based group of students and interns immersed in the laboratory’s science, community and mission.

Each student’s research experience aligns with their interests and program of study. A Fermilab mentor provides support and ensures a truly collaborative and integrated experience.


  • Enrollment in a post-undergraduate or advanced-degree program at a partner institution (see list below)
  • Interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics or related field
  • Commitment to a short-term research, professional training and development program
  • Demonstrated academic success
  • Commitment to an English-based training experience at Fermilab

Program Admission

Fermilab accepts nominations on a rolling basis.

Nominations are determined by the student’s home institution.

Affiliated Institutions

Country Institution Institution Contact
Australia University of Melbourne Geoffrey Taylor
Brazil Universidade Federal do ABC Celio Adrega de Moura Jr.
Brazil University of Campinas Ernesto Kemp
France Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Reynald Pain
France Ecole Polytechnique Université Reynald Pain
France Université de Strasbourg Reynald Pain
France Université Claude Bernard Lyon Reynald Pain
France Université Paris Diderot Reynald Pain
France Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux énergies alternatives Reynald Pain
France Observatorie de Paris Reynald Pain
France Université Savoie Mont Blanc Reynald Pain
France Université Pierre et Marie Curie Reynald Pain
France Université Paris-Sud Reynald Pain
France Université Grenoble-Alpes Reynald Pain
France Grenoble INP Reynald Pain
France Université Clermont Auvergne Reynald Pain
France Université de Montpellier Reynald Pain
France Université de Bordeaux Reynald Pain
France Université Aix-Marseille Reynald Pain
France Université de Nantes Reynald Pain
France IMT Atlantique Reynald Pain
Germany Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Matthias Neubert
Mexico Universidad National Autónoma de México Juan Carlos D’Olivo Saez
Mexico Universidad de Colima Alfredo Aranda-Fernandez
Spain Institut de Física Corpuscular Juan Jose Hernandez
Spain Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas Juan Jose Hernandez
Spain Universitat de Valéncia Juan Jose Hernandez