Degree Level: Associate

Thank you for taking our short quiz! Below are the internships that work with your degree level and area of interest. Please utilize the links that take you to the internship’s informational pages. If you have any questions about an internship, please use the “Email” option on the internship’s webpage under “Contact Information”.

Community College Internships (CCI)

CCI provides community college students with 10-week summer technical training experiences. Students work with scientists and engineers on instrumentation, technology, and computing projects related to Fermilab’s research programs.

This internship attracts: instrumentation, technology, and computing interests

Fermilab and Brookhaven Summer School Exchange Program

The Fermilab and Brookhaven Summer School Exchange Program (FBSEP) is a unique opportunity for undergraduate freshmen majoring in STEM fields to participate in a summer school experience at both Fermilab and Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Open Quantum Initiative Undergraduate Fellowship (OQI)

The OQI Fellowship Program seeks to advance career and research opportunities for young scientists from groups historically minoritized in the field of quantum science. The program is targeted for outstanding undergraduate students to gain research experiences early in their quantum careers and build their professional networks.

This internship attracts: physics, mathematics, chemistry, engineering, and/or computer science interests


Fermilab VetTech is a military veteran intern who provides routine technical support for an assigned experiment or support group. The program assumes apprenticeship level expertise, general military experience and/or knowledge-based on academic study. These are paid 10-week internships, 40-hour workweek, are available annually in the summer. We offer VetTech Computing, VetTech Mechanical, VetTech Electrical and VetTech Procurement internships.

This internship attracts: engineering, business, electrical, mechanical, and computing interests

Visiting Faculty Program (VFP)

VFP provides 10-week summer hands-on research experiences at Fermilab for faculty and student teams from community colleges and four-year institutions historically underrepresented in the research community. Faculty applicants must submit a research project proposal co-developed with Fermilab staff.

This internship attracts: Physics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Materials Sciences, Computational Sciences, or Environmental Sciences interests